The Entrepreneurial Mindset: Igniting Passion and Fueling the Fire

Professor Daniel Scott host of the IVC lecture series (Ashley Reyes)

Ashley Reyes


IVC held a faculty lecture series on March 4, which was intended to inspire the entrepreneur mindset, creativity and innovation in the individual.

Professor Daniel Scott led the lecture series, current faculty advisor for Students in Free Enterprise at IVC and assistant professor for school of business sciences.

The entrepreneurial mindset can be describes as a framework of processes linked with innovation and creativity. Success happens when there is a shift in awareness followed by a change in behavior.

“We choose how to respond to situations, Failure only bring you closer to success,” said Scott.

New experiences should be sought after in order to have the entrepreneurial mindset, seeking out internships and new experiences one can learn from.

“Find things you haven’t done before and do them!” said Scott.

Scott urges that not only must people have a dream or vision but they must also have the intent to pursue it. All people are creative, some never execute their visions and that’s where the problem lies.

“These patterns we form [in everyday life] become boxes that we live in,” said Scott.

He explains that it is impossible for someone to “think outside the box” because the “box” is all that we know, formed by experiences of failures and successes. What must be done is learn to expand your way of thinking. 

One audience member was Michelle Scharf, former part-time counselor at IVC. Scharf became interested in starting her own gardening business but found the start up to be very difficult due to the lack of resources and information.

“I think this is wonderful, that you’re offering resources for people who want this, it’s like you know what to start something, but you’re in the dark, so this is great!” said Scharf to Professor Scott.

New programs for entrepreneurs are coming to IVC such as SBS Entrepreneurship Program, which recently got curriculum approval. Also plans have been discussed to start a Young Entrepreneur Center, a place where people who have desire to become entrepreneurs can go, mostly aimed at middle and high school students.

Heather Thomson, paralegal program at IVC, said, “I’m interested in enrolling my son into the summer internship program if it does happen, me and my husband would go too.”

Thomson is currently enrolled in one of Professor Scott’s online classes and attended the class for extra credit, but she said she enjoyed the lecture very much. Especially since her and her husband are prospective business owners.

“He’s trying to get other schools and programs to work together, this would probably bring the community together, the school needs to reach out to the community more!” said Thomson in regard to Professor Scott. 

Professor Daniel Scott led the lecture series on March 4 at IVC (Ashley Reyes)

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