TED Tuesdays enlighten students

TED Tuesdays, presented by the Leadership Lab in association with the Student Development Office, provide a forum in an effort to bring life skills and self-awareness to the student body every Tuesday at noon in the Student Services Center, Room 212.

TED Talks, offered worldwide, are lectures addressing topics ranging from science to culture to psychology with an emphasis on “ideas worth spreading” and are conveyed in a theatrical way. The lectures are short, with a maximum length of 18 minutes, but are given by prominent figures in their field. Some past presenters include Bill Clinton, Jane Goodall, Bill Gates and Richard Dawkins.

Since last fall, TED Tuesdays incorporates these lectures, as well as complimentary lunch, into their presentations, which are led by faculty and students alike.

Presenters are generally professors at Saddleback College, but are open to anyone who is qualified with a strong understanding in the topic. No special degree or expertise is required.

The next TED Tuesday will be held on Feb. 4, covering the concept of believing in love at first sight. The featured video is Photo Greater Than 1000 by Angelo Merendino.

In order to become a speaker, interested faculty and students can apply at https://adobeformscentral.com/?f=dGhHLQobHXMBGF3pU%2A9eYQ.


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