Technically safe at Saddleback

Taylor Rogers

Saddleback College is expanding its own security for both students and faculty by installing a new safety technology known as the BeSafe Technology System.

This system is run exclusively through a web database which “digitally provides image layouts and dimensions of all campus facilities” according to Saddleback’s website.

“The leading emergency response system facilitates clear communications between schools and emergency first responders, providing critical information about an entire campus,” said BeSafe and its website.

BeSafe Technology has been proactive in changing the way emergency responders are alerted in over 2,000 locations throughout the nation, since 1999.

“BeSafe delivers accurate and detailed information including floor plans, building demographics, live video, and digital photos of your campus to police, fire, SWAT and other emergency teams. In the event of an emergency, information is electronically and instantly accessible so critical decisions can be made quickly and efficiently.”

This technology will help first responders to the school be able to asses the situation by looking at photos of the building in which the emergency has taken place as well the status of critical equipment throughout the building.

“This new safety technology will provide a safer environment for students and faculty as well as real time information so that the authorities can make appropriate decisions during a crisis,” said John Ozurovich, Director of Facilities and Maintenance.

Both John Ozurovich and Campus Police Chief Harry Palmer worked to secure the system at the school that will advance the security at Saddleback in its efforts to make the college a safer place.


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