Tailgating at homecoming

Students compete in the pie eating contest at the tailgate event before the Homecoming game. (Alyssa Hunter/Lariat files)

Evelyn Caicedo

Students gathered at the pre-game activities for Homecoming 2011 at Saddleback College last Saturday.

“We do a tailgating party every year for the families that come and a lot of their administrators to play games,” said Joseph Hassine, 19, sociology.

“Plus the fact that we are gathering donations for one of our faculty member’s son who has brain cancer.”

Many clubs had most of their proceeds going to CHOC and to the Director of Student Development, Audra DiPadova, whose son was diagnosed with brain cancer at the beginning of August.

“I am here because I feel like this is an awesome way to give back to CHOC and to Max,” Jessica Barr, 34, psychology said. “We are apart of a student community so it is important for students to get together and help each other out.”

ASG also gave students the opportunity to make their own headbands with Saddleback colors.

Games like a pie eating contests, making a pet rock, a jelly bean guessing game, and the “Worlds Greatest Game” which was a toss to knock down all the aluminum cans where just some of the many activities ASG had to offer at the tailgating event.

“There is really not a sense of community at Saddleback, so ASG’s motive behind doing these types of activities are to bring back student life,” said Eric Bremen, 19, business administration.

ChompChompNation.com, Mun-Chee5, and Panfiniti were some food trucks ready to serve fresh meals for any hungry students or attendees.

“Our activities revolve around kids and are benefiting Max who is Audra’s son to just enjoy the many aspects that Saddleback has to offer.”

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