Summer session schedule modified

Nicole Bullard

Saddleback students are reminded to be aware that the length of the summer session as well as the beginning and ending dates have been modified.

The summer 2012 session classes will be scheduled within an eight-week duration, beginning June 18 and concluding Aug 10. Through the eight-week period, there will be one 8-week session start date and two 6-week session start dates.

Dates for the sessions include June 18 through Aug 10. The two 6-week sessions will begin separately, one from June 18 to Jul 27, and the other from July 2 through Aug 10.

Days between the end of the spring term and the summer term will be used to conduct activities that are impossible to accomplish classes are in session and immense numbers of students are on campus.

Examples of some of these activities include routine and scheduled maintenance projects, technology refresh and minor remodeling jobs.

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