Students show support for Proposition 37

Siri Adams informs students about Proposition 37

Ashley Reyes

On Wednesday, student Siri Adams showed her passion for the passing of Proposition 37, which requires labeling on raw or processed food offered to sale to consumers. If the food is made from plants or animals with genetic material changed in specific ways.  It also prohibits labeling or advertising such food as “natural”.

A GMO food is any food that comes from a genetically modified organism, these foods have had specific changes introduced to their DNA by genetic engineering techniques.

“This proposition is the future of foods, not necessarily for me but for the future generation,” said Adams.

Adams went on to say that with the growing obesity problem in the area, people should become more conscious of what they are putting into their bodies. She is passionate about educating the masses on obesity and health problems.

“These GMO’s and processed foods literally kill human cells,” said Adams.

The long term effects of GMO’s are currently under research but some believed effects of such foods are increased cancer risk, antibiotic resistance, allergies, birth defects, and lowered nutrition among many others.

Kerne Erickson, a local artist, also worked alongside with Adams to get the word out.

“The problem is that GMO crops can’t be contained, it’s spreading to other crops,” said Erickson.

Erickson went on to explain that labeling the foods is only half the battle because of the rate at which pollen can spread to other fields. GMO crops also build resistance, which leads to greater amounts of agents to be used.

“They say GMO food is needed but there is no increase in output from GMO crops, it actually increases the need for pesticides,” said Erickson.

For Erickson there is no benefit from genetically modified food, only negative consequences. He explains he eats organic foods, which are relatively safe in his eyes, he also grows his own fruits and vegetables. Also he consumes raw milk, which he explains has many benefits that processed milk does not offer.

“I’m usually a quiet guy but I can’t sleep at night unless I make some noise (about this issue), its scary,” said Erickson. 

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