Students going online enjoy painless registration process

With the click of a mouse students can register online saving time and energy, avoiding lines and the need to come down in person. (Oliver Yu – The Lariat)

A. Renee Hamilton

Long gone are the hour-long lines snaking their way around the Registration Office, instead online queues have replaced them, streamlining the registration process for both new and continuing students at Saddleback College.

Students can experience a virtually hassle-free registration process, thanks to the continued improvements.

“It’s a lot easier. It’s more convenient,” Audric Meyer, 19, kinesiology, said.

Online registration allows students to forego driving down to the college, saving them both time and money. Although the process is refined, students should remember these key things when registering for classes.

Key Things to Remember:

1.    Plan ahead.

2.   Don’t wait until the last minute.

3.   Apply early.

4.   Complete matriculation, if needed.

5.   Meet prerequisites early.

6.   Meet all fee obligations on time.

For those that fail to plan ahead, there is another option. According to Semanik, if a student would like to attend a class that is closed, then attend the first class meeting to petition and get an Add Permit Code, APC. Once the code is obtained from the instructor, the student enters it online, eliminating the need to come in person. However, for  students that choose not to pay by credit card when registering online, they must come into the office to pay by cash or check, Semanik said.

Don’t forget to drop your class – deadlines are important, Semanik said.

“A lot of students start college and have no idea that they need to drop a class, and then they miss the deadline and end up with a substandard grade,” Semanik said.

This fall, the traditional credit/no credit option will be replaced with pass/no pass, according to Semanik.

Some important dates to remember for registration:

Internet Registration: 

  • July 14th – Begin registration by appt. for continuing students
  • August 3rd – begin registration by appt. for new and  former   
  • August 24th – registration continues for dropping classes, as well as enrollment in open classes that have not yet begun.

Emeritus Telephone Registration: 

  • August 23rd – Last day to register by telephone for Emeritus Institute classes.

In-person Registration:

  • August 24th – Begins for all students who choose to register in-person, located in SSC buildng, room 102.

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(Oliver Yu – The Lariat)

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