Student senators to participate in SustainU Clothing’s national campaign

SustainU Clothing’s oneSHIRT national collegiate clothing drive is a community initiative on over 100 college campuses in over 35 states. (Courtesy of SustainU Clothing)

McKenzie Sixt

This spring, over 100 universities and colleges will mobilize thousands of student volunteers to make a difference through SustainU Clothing’s oneSHIRT National Collegiate Clothing Drive to be held Feb 21-23, 2011.

Saddleback College’s Student Senate, a branch of the college’s Associated Student Government, will take part to bring clothes and proceeds to the underprivileged.

During this three-day event senators will distribute door hangers in their communities, asking people to leave out clothes for donations.The donations will be picked, weighed, and stored at Saddleback and subsequently taken by Goodwill. Students are encouraged to participate as well.

“Last year SustainU Clothing contacted me asking our school to join,” said Laura Chapman, vice president of ASG and Senate chair. “We are one of over 150 schools to join this exciting movement.”

Beyond the large number of schools involved, the campaign will take place in 35 states and encompasses over 3000 volunteers, according to SustainU Clothing’s website.

The idea that “oneSHIRT can change the world” is at the forefront of the upcoming clothing drive. Instead of being thrown away and contributing to the solid waste stream, “one old t-shirt or article of clothing, when donated, can make a meaningful difference to someone in need,” according to the SustainU Clothing website at

Senators will also have boxes in their division offices for clothes drop offs from the Saddleback community.

“Students may also donate and be a small part of this wonderful opportunity to give back,” Chapman said. “The clothing can be stored and collected as well in the ASG leadership office.”

SustainU focuses creating stability and awareness in a world filled with poverty, hunger, environmental damage, economic fluctuations, and social unrest.

Another way to participate is by buying an official oneSHIRT campaign T-shirt. Proceeds from the purchase benefit Nuru International, a company working “to alleviate extreme poverty with sustainable community development around the world.” Shirts are available for $10 each at

Further information is available on the SustainU Clothing website as well as the campaign’s Facebook page.

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