Student government hosts first Club Rush of spring semester

Paul Ingvaldsen

Sitting in the quad at a table under the banner “Poetry Club”, Loki Freeman, 27, world religion, described his group’s activities during Club Rush on Wednesday, Jan. 12.

“We have kind of a ‘merry prankster’s attitude’,” Freeman said. “We’re using poetry and humor to raise awareness of socially important issues.”

Describing future events planned by the Poetry Club, Freeman said the club was planning an anti-war rally for Feb. 23 called “Beats, not Bombs.”

We also plan a “Proletariat Awareness Day,” Freeman said. “May 1 has been hijacked by everybody else, so were looking for a new holiday.”

A few tables down the sidewalk, the Veterans Club was also recruiting students.

“The Veterans Club here at Saddleback College is a great opportunity to join with other veterans to get involved in the community and bring awareness to the public of veteran’s needs,” said Alex Lopez, 37, psychology. “We go to Camp Pendleton and help the Marines in their transitioning program. We counsel them to stay in the area because we have a really strong program that will help them transition from the military to civilian life.”

The Anime Club’s representative Marisa Albert said people bring their own anime and members vote to see the best one and they also try to set up movies in the student lounge for those who can’t make it to the meetings. The club’s advisor is Carmenmara Hernandez-Bravo. “She’s great,” Albert said. The club has plans to make at least one trip to the Japanese-American museum this semester.

Albert said enthusiasts frequently dress up in costumes and attend anime conventions.

“We have connections with the Fashion Club to make costumes,” Albert said, describing a scene with the feel of a rock concert on steroids. “Many of the participants resemble insects and strange creatures that seem to have come out of the depths of the ocean.”

The Anime Club will co-host a dance with the Appreciation of Pilipino American Culture Club.

“We do the Haruhi dance based upon an anime called ‘The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya’,” Albert said. “We also do Caramelldansen.”

The Saddleback Bible Crew meets Mondays at 3 p.m. in the Math, Science and Engineering building in Room 206 to analyze, discuss and apply the scriptures.

Students who missed Club Rush and still wish to join a campus club should call 582-4517 or visit for a complete list of active clubs, including contact information and meeting times. The Inter-Club Council’s office is in the Student Services Center, Room 211.

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