Some words with the plantiffs: Karla Westphal

Compiled by: Kayla Sallee

Lariat: Why oppose the prayer practice?

Karla Westphal: The district has no authority to speak about religion. It is illegal for them to assert a religious identity for the community. It makes me feel like I am an outsider.

L: How has not attending the scholarship?

KW: Every year I have known several students who have received a scholarship. If I would have stayed and kept attending then I would have been able to volunteer to hand out the scholarships myself.

L: Are you confident in your case?

KW: Yes

L: Why is this case important to you?

KW: I think freedom of conscience is inherently important. Government officials should not
impose religious practice.

L: What previous steps have you taken to remove official invocations?

KW: I have repeatedly spoken to the bored and asked them to replace praper with a moment of silence. I have written to the president, chancellor, and trustees.

L: What brought about the lawsuit?

KW: There was no one event that triggered the lawsuit.

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