Senior day 2013 arrives at saddleback

Senior day 2013 goes off without a hitch

Alexandria Larsen

Last Thursday, Saddleback College had its annual senior day in the quad from 11 a.m. until 2 p.m.. 

Seniors from every high school in the area showed up.  They were able to ask questions and learn about different aspects of the college.  Instructors, advisors and club representatives were among many others available to answer questions. 

Professor Bowman and professor Welc of the Business, Science and Economic workforce explained how important they felt it was for students to learn about what they do. 

“Knowledge is power,” Welc said. 

“We’re here answering questions about real estate and accounting: what kind of money and how much you can make, what classes you need for this field and more,” Bowman said.

Representatives from the Saddleback Health Sciences division were also available to answer questions. 

“The health field is so important. Victoria Orlich, nursing instructor said. “It is the fastest growing field in 2014 and I don’t think students realize just how many careers you can get in the health field.  Not everyone can go into nursing.”

Other than getting to know about the different classes and fields Saddleback offers students, there were also a lot of fun activities for seniors to get involved in.  Free In N Out was available to those who participated in various 10 minute workshops, and  the Astronomy and Physics Club gave seniors the chance to look through a telescope at the sun.Several games of musical chairs were played to the tune of Saddleback’s own radio station, O.C. Rock Radio.

“O.C. Rock Radio is a student run radio station that focuses on alternative rock and local bands,” Sara Moore, program director for O.C. Rock Radio said. “We’re here today to provide music for entertainment.”

Seniors who participated surely left with a good understanding of what Saddleback has to offer, and many students said that they had a great time as well. 

“I came to learn about classes,” Jennifer Espiritu, 18, El Toro High School said. “My favorite part of the day was getting to know the different clubs and the free In N Out.” 

Irania Sanchez, 17, El Toro High School said, “I came to learn about classes and to register.  I’m going to be majoring in either biology or going into the medical field.”

Overall, the day was a success.  Saddleback is sure to have many great new students joining next semester. 

Peggy Dakin, Victoria Orlich, and Chelsey Gray

The In N Out food truck

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