Senators looking for new recruits

The events cabinet meets to discuss movie night on dec. 6th and the toy drive (Steven Jung)

Steven Jung

The ASG had an important announcement this week.: Eric Bremen resigned as the President of ASG.

Bremen resigned for personal reasons but did not go into too much detail as to why. Bremen mentioned how he was sad to leave and that the ASG has done a fine job for this current semester. “The success of ASG is because of you guys,” Bremen said.

The current Vice President, Chelsea Goossens will take over for Bremen. Audra DiPadova was also sad to see Bremen leave along with the both the events cabinet and ASG senate. “I appreciate your service for ASG,” said DiPadova.

As all students know Christmas is coming up in December. Club Rush will have an event next Wednesday on Dec. 5. “The Diverse Student Council wants to show students at the event how other countries and cultures around the world celebrate the holidays like Hanukkah, Kwanza and Christmas,” said Nina Alavi.

The events cabinet thought that Club Rush might be a good idea for the toy drive as well. They want to bring their Christmas tree down to the quad area and try to get people interested in their toy drive to help out.

Another idea they are doing for their toy drive is a movie night on Dec. 6. The cabinet is allowing people to donate toys at the movie. If someone brings a toy for the drive to the movie night then they get a ticket and can exchange that ticket for free food.

If a student does not bring a toy there will be a listing of prices for the food. The following day, the cabinet will take the money raised at the movie and use it to buy more toys for the toy drive.

Joshua Baum gave a presentation on recruiting ASG members for future senators as well to help continue to make the school better – similar to how the senate is trying to improve things now.

He suggested bonding activities for the senate such as ice skating or going to lunch or dinner. Other ideas they came up with are paintball, or broomball. The whole point is for them to get to know each other since they work together on school activities and programs such as helping out at movie night.

Chair of Senate Shireen Ebrahim has compiled two of the four surveys. Soon they will know what people think of Wi-Fi, the arboretum trail, the library services, and the LRC. Ebrahim will have more data such as how many think the services are adequate for students or if students need different issues to deal with. Once the issues are identified, they will fix what students believe are problems.

The senate will soon be making the students learning experience better or be finding ways to make student life more enjoyable.

Chelsea Goossens will be taking over where Eric Bremen left off for ASG. (Steven Jung)

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