Security advice for new students

Anibal Santos

The first days of the semester can be challenging and seem overwhelming to new students. The increased foot traffic and hot weather can only increase the stress and confusion.

“Hi, do you know where LRC is?” “Where is the golf course?” These were two of the many questions students asked on the first day of class. New students asked where certain rooms were located by new students.

With so many new faces and a vast campus to navigate through, personal safety may not be on the minds of new students.

Wanting to help new students adjust to campus, campus police officers Hsu and Arbuthnot were happy to take the time off their busy schedule and gave advice on how to keep students and their valuables safe.

“First off, be aware of your surroundings especially at night,” Arbuthnot said.

Getting to the parking lot to reach your vehicle may place students in vulnerable situations. At night, young ladies are encouraged to buddy-up. If you cannot find a friend at night, contact Campus Police, and they will provide an escort to safely walk you to where you need to be.

Thefts are the most common crime that take place on campus. These thefts are usually a result of belongings being unattended or visible in the vehicle. If students plan on leaving their valuables inside their vehicles, Officer Arbuthnot encouraged students to lock their car doors or not to leave valuable visible to prevent possible break-ins.

The most common items stolen are textbooks, cell phones, and personal computers. Students are advised by Officer Arbuthnot to “know your technology.” That means if students are planning to bring their personal technology to campus, it is highly suggested to know the serial number, make, and model. Knowing your information in the unfortunate situation that your technology is stolen makes it possible to track down thieves if they attempt to pawn it.

As far as personal safety is concerned, there are emergency call boxes installed in every parking lot on campus, but Officer Hsu encourages new students to program the campus police phone number, (949) 582-4585, to their cell phones as well as (949) 582-4444 for emergencies.

“If you see anything suspicious don’t be afraid to notify us; however, small…let us determine that,” Officer Hsu said. “Safety first, safety first for everything.”

Officer Arbuthnot reminds students to keep in mind for everything they do and everywhere they go.

“Remember we are here to serve you and keep you safe,” Officer Arbuthnot said. “We are for service police department available: 24 hours 7 days a week.”   

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