Search is on for commencement speakers

Caleb Strano

Saddleback College was looking for commencement speakers for the graduation on May 21.
The commencement speaker will be talking at the graduation ceremony. The topic matter for the speaker could be a wide variety of things.

“We’ve had all types of life stories, how Saddleback has changed their lives and also to thanking professors specifically,” said Erin Long, the Inter-Club Council Advisor and Office Assistant at the Student Development Office.  She said that the topic matter is all up to the applicant.

The people who decide who will be the next commencement speaker is the Committee. The basis of their evaluation is on the feeling of the speech and the content.

The people who wanted to become speaker had to go through the application process. In this process the person had to go online to the Saddleback website and print out a commencement speaker application. From here they had to write their speech on what they wanted.  Once they are finished they had to give their speech to the commencement committee where they would read it and decide if they would choose it or not.

For this year’s ceremony only one person had applied for the duty of speaking at the graduation. Saddleback had to extend the deadline because they thought that the timing of the first deadline was the reason for the lone application.

The reasoning for the extended due date was that the first due date was at a tough time for students to remember. Long said that original date was during spring break in March and that some students felt that this was a hard date to work with.

The new due date was moved to April 15 in hopes of getting more applicants. If there are no more students who applied then that person will be the speaker.

At the graduation Long said that the student speakers do very well. She said that the students always do a good job. She also said that this year’s speaker, whoever they are, will also do a good job as well.

Graduation is on May 21 at 9 a.m. and will be held inside the gymnasium.


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