Saddleback wins for writing on the WALL

Last year’s cover of the Wall Literary magazine. (Elizabeth Ortiz/ Lariat )

Elizabeth Ortiz

If you’re a student who wondered what the English 160 spring course offers, you will see here that it not only offered the class of 2012 something to set on a coffee table, but also an opportunity to come in first place. 

The Saddleback College literary magazine called the Wall, took an honorable win at the American Scholastic Press Association, which is a national contest.

“The win wasn’t that surprising, because of the amount of time that was spent on the project,” said Co Editor and Art Editor Shirley Eramo. “Compiling statistics, coming up with a grading system and giving the proper consideration to pick each piece was only part of the process.” 

The class worked with a collective effort on each individual written piece, as well as  the selected art work that was paired with each final submission. For instance, Eramo explained that the happiest guy she came across, was the artist who got chosen for the cover page. 

“The class knew it was the right art piece for the cover, because the art  even had Saddleback’s School colors,” said Eramo. “The group was special and this kind of writing process makes students better writers.” 

The experience helped Denise Blike, Editor-and-Chief. get into Goddard, Vermont. She was able to put it on her application and will be attending in the spring.

“Seeing the final project was most rewarding,” Blike said. ” I’ve always wanted to write, but now I want to work in publishing.”

The name of her piece is ” Quality and Comfort in MJUK Black.” 

 Professor Shaffer whose in charge of the literary magazine’s production, can be located in the Village if you would like a copy.   


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