Saddleback lends a hand to breast cancer

Taylor Carney
Breast cancer awareness booth

IT”S PINK:  Breast cancer awareness booth provided the Saddleback College community with information about the scrimmage basketball game.

Breast cancer awareness was supported by students and professional athletes on Oct. 29 with a fundraising event during a basketball scrimmage at Saddleback College.

Players practiced to loud music that rang through the gym while the stands filled up with supporters. The team can only scrimmage one time before the season.

The Saddleback team prepared for their season by scrimmaging Lady Swish, a second year professional team with the Womens American Basketball Association.

So why is it important to support this scrimmage? “Duh! I’m a woman, and it’s very important to be aware of and to support breast cancer,” said Sandra Towne, grandmother to Saddleback player Rina Towne.

Lady Swish had clothing, bracelets and candy for sale. Of the proceeds, 25 percent went to support breast cancer awareness, another 25 percent went to Saddleback Womens basketball, and 50 percent went to the Lady Swish team.

“Saddleback students, local high schools, families and friends of teammates will come support,” said Fentriss Winn, head coach of Saddleback’s team.

With people supporting the team and buying clothes or snacks they were also able to donate money for breast cancer.

“We are just doing this to support breast cancer and to get ready for our season that starts in January,” said a member of Lady Swish , who made sure to wear some long pink socks for the occasion.

Other players from Lady Swish wore pink shoelaces or pink shoes.

Before the scrimmage, there was a clinic for teaching kids the fundamentals of basketball.

“The clinic wasn’t 100 percent related to breast cancer. However, it taught the kids the importance of staying in tune with their bodies,” said a Lady Swish representative.


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