Saddleback Kinesiology Department Offers New A.A.-T Degree in 2013

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Cathy Lee Taylor

Jan Duquette, Division Chairperson of the Saddleback Kinesiology Department, has reported several departmental updates including:

A new Associate in Arts-Transfer (AA-T) degree will be offered at Saddleback beginning in 2013.  Full program details can be obtained by contacting Jan Duquette at

In other Kinesiology news, starting in the Fall of 2013, there will be no more repeats of any classes except with a failed grade.

Also being offered for intermediate skill-level classes in several areas are:
-Fitness (Yoga and Pilates)
-Combative Skills (Aikido, Karate, and Self Defense)
-Team Sports (Beach Volleyball)
-Dance (Latin, Social, and Dance Production)
-Athletic Training (Fall and Spring Sports)

New classes for the fall of 2013 that will be offered after curriculum approval include: Cross Training and Rock Climbing.

An eight-week class has been added for the Spring session that will offer the following studies:
-KNES 107- Fitness Assessment (eight-week GE requirement)
-KNES68 – Walking for Fitness (evenings)
-KNES69 – Trail Hiking (Tuesday and Thursday 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.
-Aquatics and Team Sports classes

The Saddleback College Kinesiology Department is separated into four core departments:

DANCE – Offers AA degree with several technique classes at all levels; Introduction, Level 1, and Intermediate. 

HEALTH – Health 1 – Contemporary Health Issues, Health 2 – Responding to Emergencies (CPR), and Health 3 – Women’s Health Issues.

KINESIOLOGY – AA Degree is subdivided into six specific areas: Aquatics, Combative Skills, Fitness, Individual Sports, Team Sports, Training and Theory.

Combative Skills
Individual Sports
Team Sports
Training and Theory

RECREATION – Three primary classes are offered for students pursuing a career in Outdoor Recreation or Management. 


Visit the Kinesiology website at

The Sports medicine website is located at or call (949) 582-4638

Jan Duquette, Division Chairperson, (949) 582-4744


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