Saddleback College honors the fallen during 9/11 Memorial Ceremony

Erin Long sings national anthem (Adam Kolvites)

Christian Bonin, Michael Grennell, John Payne

Saddleback College held its annual 9/11 memorial ceremony at noon today by the Veterans Memorial in the quad to commemorate the sacrifices of veterans and first responders.

Speakers at the ceremony spoke about the tragedy and the loss of life that took place during the September 11 attacks. They reflected upon the aftermath of the event and the extent of the tragedy.

Deputy Chief of Saddleback Campus Police James Pyle served as the Master of Ceremonies at the event. During the ceremony, Pyle praised the actions of all of those who sacrificed their lives on September 11.

“On September 11 we saw loyalty to friends overwhelm all sense of danger as the New York firefighters searched tirelessly for their own,” Pyle said.

Dustin Ardolf, business major at Saddleback College who served in the military for eight years, spoke about his memory of September 11 and what has transpired since.

“I’ve seen this nation come together stronger than ever. I’ve seen families, once distant, come together as one.” Ardolf said.

After the ceremony, David Bugay, Vice Chancellor of Human Resources, said, “It was so simple that it was deeply meaningful, it was great.” Bugay also said that he believes the terrorists have not accomplished their goals but instead have simply strengthened Americans’ resolve against them.

Paula Jacobs, counselor and president of the faculty association, expanded upon Bugay’s thought. “I think that the aftermath of 9/11 reflected the aftermath of Pearl Harbor,” Jacobs said. “[9/11 has] reawakened a sense of national pride and renewed respect for our military and our first responders and the sacrifices that they make.”

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