Saddleback College graduating students to walk soon

Michelle Twilegar

FRIDAY– May 24, 2013 students of Saddleback Community College will be walking for graduation in the gymnasium at 9 a.m. Tickets will not be required for guests to attend the graduation ceremony.

Students will have to check-in between 8a.m. and 8:45a.m. in order to receive name cards and pre-ceremony help from staff. The name cards will be used for photographers to send pictures and proofs to each student.

At 9 a.m. the ceremony will begin–  the faculty will lead followed by the students and platform party. There will be a reception held after graduation for the students and their families adjacent to the Physical Education complex immediately after the ceremony.

“I hope it is a beautiful day for all the families who come out to see their children graduate,” said Transfer Center counselor Carol Lerman.

Students who are graduating must purchase their caps, associated gowns, and tassels before the big day. These may be purchased in the Bookstore for a $36 complete package, or may be purchased separately with caps at $7, tassels $6, and associated gowns $24.

Amidst all the pre-graduation excitement, many students are planning on getting together April 29 from 1:30p.m.-2:30p.m. to paint and decorate the tops of the caps.

“I’m excited to get my artistic side on,” said Evan Newbrough, a criminal justice major.

The semester is almost over and students are soon to be graduating for the year of 2013. However, the actual diplomas and certificates will be mailed during the month of October to all the candidates who have completed graduation requirements.

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