Saddleback College Academic Senate votes in approval of district-wide smoking ban

Michael Grennell

The Saddleback College Academic Senate unanimously approved a districtwide smoking ban at its latest meeting on Wednesday afternoon.

Academic Senate president Dan Walsh said during the meeting that although the Senate voted in approval of the policy, it still has to be approved by other committees in the South Orange County Community College District (SOCCCD) before it can be implemented.

In the proposed policy, the cigarette use will be prohibited at Saddleback College, Irvine Valley College, and the Advanced Technology and Education Park (ATEP).

“The use of cigarette products is prohibited within any district facility and/or on any area outside of the campuses. This policy pertains to students, faculty, staff, administrators visitors and the general public attending events at any site withing the district,” the policy reads.

The policy will prohibit the use of tobacco products, such as cigars, cigarettes, and pipes. Along with tobacco products, use of electronic cigarettes and chewing tobacco will also be banned.

Walsh said that the policy was inspired by the recent decision from California State University, Fullerton to become a smoke-free campus, as well as the systemwide smoking ban that will take effect in the University of California system beginning in 2014.

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