Saddleback celebrates the United States Constitution

Janelle Green

On September 17, 2007, Saddleback College celebrated the United States Constitution Day.

On this date 220 years ago, The U.S. Constitution was signed.

The celebration was held to inform the community of the importance of September 17, 1787.

During this gathering, many students paid their respects to those who took part in the Constitutional Convention, where the Constitution was developed.

Of the 55 men who are responsible for the making of the Constitution, only 39 of them actually signed the written document. Six men, who are often referred to as the ‘Founding Fathers’ of our country, are famous for contributing the majority of the Constitution’s context.

Everyone who joined in the festivities this past Monday was given a pamphlet discussing the fascinating facts about the Constitution. They also received a flier which introduced them to an interesting website where one could check their Constitution I.Q. and learn more about the historical document. (

The United States Constitution plays a very critical role in the development of our country. Although it is the shortest written constitution of any government in the entire world, America’s Constitution is the longest standing of its kind.

When the Constitution was signed, our country had only four million residents. 220 years later, there are more than 300 million American citizens. There is no question that the guidelines given to our nation by the Constitution are accountable for the extreme growth in population.


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