Registration for summer classes begins April 14

Tim White

Those wishing to get ahead on their general education requirements or, perhaps, undo a less-than-flattering grade, will be delighted to know that registration for Saddleback College summer classes begins on Tuesday, April 14 for returning students. Those not fortunate enough to have been enrolled during the spring 2009 semester will have to wait to register until May 4.

As usual, two eight-week sessions will be offered, one beginning May 26 and the other beginning June 22. Appealing to the overachievers are a pair of six-week sessions that begin May 26 and July 6, allowing students to take two consecutive courses during time that would typically have been spent traveling or at the beach.

Liz Darit, 21, nursing, plans to enroll in a microbiology course to satisfy a prerequisite for her major.

“It’s a bummer that the class runs Monday through Thursday,” said Darit. “But it’s worth it to get ahead.”

About 15,000 students are expected to take classes this summer, according to Jane Rosenkrans, Director of Saddleback’s Admissions, Records and Enrollment Services. That figure is greater than half of spring 2009 enrollment and represents a seven percent increase over last summer’s statistics, in keeping with Saddleback’s recent trend of increased enrollment.

Students who wish to enroll in summer classes can register online through their MySite account. Appointments for in-person registration are also being accepted in the Admissions and Records Office, located in Student Services Center Room 102. Office hours are Monday through Thursday, from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m., and Friday from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. Admissions and Records can also be contacted at (949) 582-4555 or via their department Web site at

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