Protestors strike out against Fiorina

Protesters showed up at Carly Fiorina’s Irvine office Oct. 26. (Sean Lara)

Julie Tran

The midterm elections are drawing near and as candidates try to sway voters to vote for them, others are decrying their policies.

A group called gathered at Carly Fiorina’s Irvine office on Tuesday to let people know of her policies and how they are going to affect California negatively if Fiorina is elected. The protest was a staged event representing the fictitious merging of the Republican Party and corporations, given the title of RepubliCorp. This name is supposed to represent the methods Fiorina is using to gain votes by using her corporate background to make a political statement.

MoveOn’s protest strived to raise awareness of Fiorina’s role in Washington if she wins the election.

Protestors at the event were roleplaying as “employees” of RepubliCorp and handed out employee-of-the-month” awards to reward corporate interests paying for future votes. This was supposed to display Fiorina’s involvement with the U.S.’s largest corporations and neglecting the interests of families who are in in the middle class.

“RepubliCorp may be a funny name, but the idea of the merger is frighteningly close to the truth,” said Mark Giordano, council coordinator of MoveOn Irvine & More. “When oil billionaires and health insurance front groups are spending $400 million to take over Congress for the Republicans, how can we expect Fiorina’s to be on the side of working families in California?”

Some people dressed up in fancy garments to represent the overindulgences corporations spend on instead of giving back to families. A recent broadcast of a MoveOn protest stated the group’s goals to keep businesses out of the government .

“They are selling out our country- they are selling out governments to the highest bidders,” protestor Andrew Sciola said.  

The name “Republicorp” represented the fictitious merging of the Republican Party and corporations. (Sean Lara)

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