Priority registration changes to come

Priority changes will begin fall 2014 (Courtesy of

Kristine Martinez

The California Community College Student Success Task Force (SSTF) has proposed 22 implications that will be placed on the 112 community colleges within the state beginning fall 2014.

“The new regulations are designed to assure that classes are available for students seeking job training, associate’s degree or transfer and to award students that are making academic progress towards their goals,” Sonia Ortiz-Mercado, dean of matriculation and early assessment said, in an announcement from the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office regarding the change in priority enrollment.  

Currently, priority registration is offered to those who are showing academic progress, then to  those who have attempted over 100 units, have no identified course study after four terms, first-time students seeking transfer and finally those students who are seeking job-training.

With the new Student Success Act, priority registration will be given to those students who are actively and continuously making academic progress, first-time students seeking transfer that have completed orientation and assessments, and those students who are seeking job-training.

Students currently enrolled within California Community Colleges will lose their enrollment priority only if they fail to declare a major by the end of their third term have already taken 100 units or have been placed on two consecutive terms of academic probation.

Part two of the final report of the Student Success Initiative, focuses on the 22 recommendations of the SSTF.

The report’s recommendation three’s policy statement reads, “community colleges will incentivize those students’ behaviors that are associated with their eventual success.”

With these priority registration changes the CCSST Force hopes to continuously increase the numbers of student successes.

According to, the Student Success Act was proposed in 2011,approved 33-1 by the state Senate in May 2012 and will start in fall 2014.


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