Police chief Parmer retires

Retired campus police chief Harry Parmer speaks at the college’s Veterans’ Day cememony. (File photo)

Josh Squirrel

There is a large void to fill for campus police after the retirement of chief and Marine Corps veteran, Harry Parmer.

Parmer served in the Marine Corps for 27 years, making his position as Saddleback Police Chief a perfect fit.

Though the position of a permanent chief is still in the air, James Pyle, deputy chief, has been appointed as the acting chief.

Pyle has been working with the force at Saddleback since 1979 and has extensive experience with college level policing.

Officer Beau Arbuthnot believes Pyle is more than qualified to be the chief of Campus Police as things stand.

“This campus deserves the very best chief we can find.” Pyle said.

Pyle has a strong understanding in the necessity of an honest, versatile and experienced leader according to those who know him.

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