Notable charity this holiday season

Lauren Small

This month, the charity Thanks by the Dozen will be delivering cookies to military personnel at Camp Pendleton in hopes to make their holiday season a little bit sweeter.

The charity was created three years ago by Saddleback’s very own Applications
Specialists Janice Mastrangelo and Kathy Constance and has since been delivering holiday goods to military personnel’s and their families.

A marine wife herself, Constance felt inspired to reach out and support the troops.

“It means a lot to the marines and military personnel,” Constance said. “A lot of the time they don’t realize that people are there for them and this is just to let them know that people still support and love them.”

“Thanks” by the dozen didn’t start off as a massive cookie delivery, though.

“It started off with gift baskets then someone said ‘What about cookies?'” Constance
said. “And last year was such a success that we decided to do it again this year. Last year the charity hand delivered the cookies to Marines and sailors stationed at Camp
Pendleton and with the help of staff, administration, students, and the community, Thanks by the Dozen was able to deliver 250 plates of cookies.

They hope for a similar, if not larger, outcome this year.

Shauna Grigsby, senior administrative assistant, is excited to participate again this year
after she and her her young son made a batch of home-made sugar cookies last season.

“It’s great because you get to give to those who serve our country and it encourages us
to acknowledge what they do,” Grigsby said. “And for those who can’t come home for the
holidays, it’s just good to make them feel important and that someone is taking care of

The Baking and Culinary classes, headed by Lisa Inlow, will also be participating in the

“The culinary department has been involved with this charity event for the
past two years,” Inlow said.  “Many of the families who benefit from the “Thanks by the Dozen” event have family members who are overseas or far from home during the holiday season.  All of us who participate in “Thanks by the dozen” feel that this is a way we can reach to our service people and give them a small gift and some comfort to show our appreciation during the Holiday season.” Constance also said she had one person last year tell her that she really didn’t know that much about the military and after participating in last years Taste of Home, she had a whole new outlook.

The charity is all done through Saddleback College’s classified senate and anyone
interested in getting involved can stop by BGS 249 to pick up a plate or two to personalize.
Return the plates loaded with the personalized cookies or bring by some other home-
made goodies of your choice.

Baked goods need to be dropped off by Monday, Dec. 14 through Wednesday Dec. 16th.
The office will be open from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

The Baking and Culinary classes will also be baking and decorating cookies on Thursday
Dec. 17th at the village.

So grab those cookie cutters and stock up on frosting and give a tasty treat this holiday

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