Moms in the fight against GMOs

Moms standing up for health, and protesting against Monsanto. (Courtesy of

Moms standing up for health, and protesting against Monsanto. (Courtesy of

The topic of genetically modified organisms has been circulating the Internet for some time now.  “Moms Across America,” founder and creator Zen Honeycutt, came to Saddleback Community College to give a speech on GMOs and the harm they have on your body on Wednesday, April 23.

Before starting her presentation, Honeycutt asked the room to raise their hand if they have a family member with a mental disorder. Afterwards, she asked if anyone has been affected by cancer or diabetes.  A majority of the room raised their hands two or more times.

She proceeded by introducing herself and her organization, “Moms Across America,” and she stated facts on how GMOs are in 85% of America’s processed food.

She is leading her own fight against GMOs because of her kids who had life-threatening food allergies, which she can’t understand because she and her husband do not have any allergies.  After learning about GMOs she changed her kids diet to all organic non-GMO foods.  After one year of doing this, her children went from having life-threatening food allergies to being able to be in the same contact with foods with minimum reactions.  What Honeycutt wanted to show students in this presentation was the correlation between GMO foods and chronic illness.

Many Saddleback students attended this presentation.

“I came to this presentation because my teacher offered extra credit to attend,” said business major Forrest Anderson, 20.

Some students were offered extra credit for their attendance, but hopefully there was newfound knowledge of GMOs that had an impact.

Moms Across America is a forum for moms to reach out and encourage others with how non-GMO products have impacted their lives.  This platform allows for moms to learn about how to improve not only their own health, but the health of their children.  This group currently has over 310 members, and has produced over 400 events about how to stop companies from using GMOs.

Moms Across America slogan, “Empower Moms, Health Kids. We are a national coalition of Unstoppable Moms committed to empowering millions to educate themselves about GMOs and related pesticides, get GMOs lableled and offer GMo free and Organic solutions” shows how passionate these moms are about GMOs.

Students found the presentation to be interesting and informative.

“I thought the presentation was very informative. I learned more in depth of the GMOs and the harm it does,” said environmental studies student Kelsey Johnson, 22.  “Made me much more aware.”

At Saddleback College, students are hearing about these information presentation from their professors.

“I heard about this presentation form my environmental professors Barrows,” said 20-year-old biology major, Jasmine Sedaghah.

Honeycutt left us with a final thought and that was how we can make a difference in the fight against GMOs.  She told the group to simply eat and grow organic.

You can find all of her next events by going to

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