Minimum wage poised to increase

Gabby Semmere, 19, nursing (Shirley Smith/Lariat)

Shirley Smith

Students working to pay for college may soon enjoy an increase in minimum wage in California. The Associated Press reported the state Senate approved AB10 with a 26-11 vote and sent it to Gov. Jerry Brown last Thursday. This bill will increase California’s minimum wage from the current $8 to $10 by 2016.

“Not that big of a jump,” Dori Mouawad, 18, computer science, said. “Maybe a little jump because unemployment might go up.”

Some people think that with a minimum wage increase, big businesses will go to automation and not hire employees, but it might be even more expensive in the short-run.

“For San Francisco there is a reason why they have a higher pay because the cost of living is much different,” Gabby Semmere, 19, nursing said. “It’s more expensive, but for here in Southern California, I think the wage is fine.”

Republican lawmakers said it would do the opposite, encouraging businesses to cut jobs and automate. But Sen. Marty Block, D-San Diego, said, “Raising the minimum wage will stimulate the economy by giving lower-wage workers more money to spend.”

“I think it’s all right to raise minimum wage,” said Erica Romero, 18, undecided.

The California Chamber of Commerce opposed the bill, saying it was a “job killer.” In its current form, AB10 will drive up costs for all businesses in California.


Stephanie Ayalla, 18, Nursing (Shirley Smith/Lariat)

Erica Romero, 18, undecided (Shirley Smith/Lariat)

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