Looking to raise money for your club or organization? Answer: ASG cards

Get your ASB Fun Card today and save money at local restaurants. (Oliver Yu/Lariat Staff)

Casie Nguyen

Need money for your club or department?  ASG has a solution to your problem. The Associate Student Government is involved in making their Fund Share Program a hit with students who are looking to raise funds for their club, organization, or sport as well as win a scholarship.

Students will get a chance to sell a Fund Card for $10.00 each. The Fund Cards have a $160 savings value towards local restaurants such as T.G.I.F, Subway, Arby’s, and Yogurtland. Students who purchase an ASB card will receive one of these automatically.

Students can then sell the cards for $10.00 each and three dollars will go to ASG and the other three will go to a club or department if that they are a member of. The money will go towards funding Saddleback’s many departments such as fine arts and athletics.

Any club who is a part of this program will get $3 for every card that they sell. Sport teams and student organizations that join the program can then use the money towards their events and funds.

This contest is also open to all students who are not a member of a club/department. Students can get involved in this program by going to the ASG room located in the SSC Room 211 and be eligible for the scholarship prize.

If students and clubs are interested, they should go to the ASG room located in SSC 211 and say they want to be apart of the sales contest, or Fund Share program if they’re in a club. Ask for Erin Long, the club advisor and she will get you connected. The contest is already starting.

“Students can buy their ASB stamp in room 211, and the only requirements are to have a student ID, $10 or the receipt if you bought it through Mysite,” said Brent Palmer, 20, human development.  “There are no additional fees, you sign out the cards and sell them. But when they do sign them out they are responsible for those 25 cards, if they lose them then they will have to pay the $250 worth.”

“We’re helping you by you helping us,” said Erin Long, club advisor. 

For every card that a student sells, they get 50 cents towards a scholarship. The top four students who sell the most cards will get rewarded with the scholarship based off their sales. There is no limit to how much a student can earn or sell. The more you sell, the more money you make.

“We’re trying to help people in these times where finding money to pay for college would be difficult,” said Liz Castro, 20, liberal studies.

“If I had time, I’d definitely do it,” said Erin Coombs, 19, business.  “It’s a really good idea though; people need all the help they can get paying for college.”  

If you want to talk value and statistics of each card, it takes ASG $10 to make a fund card that’s worth 160 dollars worth of savings.  Two dollars goes into making the actual card. 

Originally student development would get $2 and ASG would get $6 totaling $10. However, Palmer changed things up and now active clubs and departments who sell the cards will get $3 dollars, ASG gets $3 dollars, and Students still get $2 for every card sold. 

“We’re making it fairer so that everyone can benefit,” said Palmer. “[This is a] great way to support Saddleback or club that they are in, and also that it’s a great way for them to earn a scholarship.”

Members of ASB are ready to help you get your hands on a Fun Card to save. (Oliver Yu/Lariat Staff)

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