Learning Assistance Program provides free tutoring

The sign on the door welcomes students who need assistance with class material. (Joseph Espiritu)

Shannon Merrell

The Saddleback College Learning Assistance Program has been growing in awareness lately. The LAP is a service provided by the college, which offers tutoring in just about any subject imaginable, from philosophy to foreign languages.

“All tutoring is totally free,” said Patti Weekes, LAP lab director. “All costs for the lab are covered through tuition fees.”

Students can take advantage of this opportunity by simply visiting the LAP lab, located in the Library in Room 114. Students can make an appointment to get help in whichever subject they desire. It is even possible to select a tutor from a photo board. With over 100 tutors to choose from, it’s practically impossible to go wrong.

To be qualified, all tutors must complete the subject in which they assist student, achieve at least a B grade in the course, as well as complete TU 100, a transferable class that teaches students how to be a peer tutor. Over 70 percent of LAP tutors are volunteers.

“Our goal is to help students succeed,” said Weekes. Her goals is that no student is leaves the LAP without receiving some kind of assistance.

Students needing help in a particular subject are encouraged to sign up for TU 300, a zero unit, no-cost course that appears on a student’s transcript. Enrollment in TU 300 gives students access to the LAP lab and all of its benefits, including unlimited use of the Interdisciplinary Computer Center.

Students may also take advantage of either individual or group tutoring in virtually any subject.

The program is also working on a new pilot project to provide online tutoring in select subjects, which is expected to become available sometime next semester.

The LAP is open Monday through Thursday, 8 a.m. to  8 p.m., and Friday, 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. Further information is available at www.saddleback.edu/lap.


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