Kathe Nunez wins Outstanding District Services Employee Award of the 2012-2013 year

Alex Aponte

Starting as Budget Assistant of the Fine Arts Division Office in 1989, Kathe Nunez was a “jack of all trades”.  Kathe ventured in the Performing Arts Department and became a House Manager to several summer Cabaret Theatre shows at Saddleback in addition to being Budget Assistant and being a mother to two girls and a boy. 

“It was a fun time.” Kathe says.

She came to the District Payroll Office in 1998 as a Payroll Specialist all the way up to Lead Payroll Specialist.  Her dedication of 27 years with Saddleback was not the only reason Kathe had been awarded by many coworkers and colleagues.  Kathe had been described as a patient, kind, and extremely generous person with an amazing work ethic by her coworkers.

“I was very pleased and surprised.  I work with such a great group of woman in Payroll who nominated me.  I appreciate all the kind words from so many people throughout the District.  And I can’t wait for the parking space!” Kathe says.

With this award, Kathe was rewarded a $100 gift card and a reserved parking spot for a year, and as anyone who has a car at Saddleback College, they can recognize that a reserved parking spot is a great time and money saver!

“After several years of part time jobs, from motel maid near Disneyland to sales in a shop on the Queen Mary, I finally combined my knowledge of payroll with the higher education environment and have enjoyed all my 27 years here.”

Kathe is up for any challenge and even plays Sudoku with a pen.  “I’ve worn out a lot of erasers.” She says.   She continues to shine at Saddleback College.

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