Job hunting can be a daunting task for today’s students

Portraying yourself as confident is an interview tip given by experts (

Melissa Conser

With the sad state of the economy, out-of-work students are finding it difficult to find jobs. Positions that would have been relatively effortless to get in high school are now more competitive due to an increase of layoffs and company downsizing.

“It’s highly competitive out there with an unemployment rate at nearly 10 percent,” said Eric Hilden, Saddleback’s career placement officer. “Our students are entering an environment where they need to present themselves to employers in a competitive way.”

However discouraging and stressful this period may be for those without study paychecks or jobs, remember to stay positive and persistent about finding work. There are many resources structured to help individuals locate job openings. Using them may help alleviate some of the anxiety of the job search.

The student job search can begin with a resource available on campus at the Center for Career and Life Development, located in the Student Services Building . There is no need to make an appointment. One can create an online profile by visiting On the Web site, there are commercial job postings and work-study opportunities for eligible students.

The center also conducts beneficial workshops covering topics such as the job search, resume writing and a successful job interview. Visit the center’s Web site to register. Workshops begin this month.

Information technology is changing the way people look for jobs. There are many Web sites one can visit when seeking employment. is devoted to helping young adults find jobs. It includes job postings, advice on the application process and connections to other resources. has many applications which find jobs for you, for instance the Jobmatch application. Companies even create their ownFacebook applications for the sole purpose of recruiting individuals. has a section for local businesses to post job positions. There are new job posts everyday and the site allows the individual to search for jobs based on the field of work they prefer, for example, food service, retail, sales, volunteering and more. Resumes and special services are posted on the website including babysitting, yard work, personal assistant, writing, Web design, etc. allows college students to post a resume, find internships, locate childcare jobs and more. This Web site is more personable than Craigslist and is designed in a more constructive way to allow college students to show their strengths and achievements. However, Barefoot Student doesn’t get nearly the same buzz as Craigslist.

The Campus Buzz’ Web site has an online article that provides helpful tips for how to compete for jobs as a student in the weakening economy. Visit

In the past, simply inquiring about jobs at the mall was enough, today going from store to store may not cut it. An online job search has the potential to save you a little time, footwork and gas money.

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