IVC welcomes new Executive Director Richard Morley

Taylor Carney

Irvine Valley College welcomes a new Executive Director, Richard H. Morley said he plans to make good changes to campus revenue this year.

“In my conversations with IVC President Roquemore, we want to take the IVC Foundation to higher levels of revenue and visibility to become more like a Cal State or other major college fund raising program,” Morley said.

“IVC’s staff and students deserve this type of community support for all of the great things that are being done on campus,” Morley said.

Morley is nationally recognized as being a Certified Fundraising Executive and Certified Specialist in Planned Giving.

He has created 110 scholarships through his fundraising and helped grow revenue for other colleges in California.

The position for Executive Director opened up at IVC this fall, and Morley jumped on the opportunity.

“After nearly four years at Mt. San Antonio College, when the IVC position became available, I looked at it very closely. It’s much closer to my home, and raising money in Irvine, Newport Beach, Laguna Beach, and Orange County overall is enticing. The greatest centers of wealth are right here in Orange County,” Morley said.

“IVC is delighted to have Richard as part of our team. He possesses a tremendous amount of experience and expertise that will take our Foundation to the next level,” said IVC President Glenn R. Roquemore.

“His extensive background in donor cultivation will assist IVC in securing new avenues of fundraising,” Roquemore said.

“His experience in the non-profit and planned giving arena in Southern California will be extremely beneficial, as the Foundation seeks to find donors who believe in and support the education mission of IVC,” Roquemore said.

Morley identifies the lack of support in many California Community College’s foundations and plans on gaining more support for IVC to grow the overall operations to raise a larger amount of money.

“This is a developmental process and will occur over the next few years,” Morley said.

On June 30, 2010 the total value of IVC’s Foundation’s assets, including investments that return interest and money for scholarships and programs, was $1,197,555 according to Morley.

As of June 30, 2011 the total assets was $1,571,614.

“The IVC Foundation has steadily raised a good sum of money over the last few years,” Morley said.

“Personally, I believe the potential is here to double or triple our income over the next few years, and that will be our goal,” Morley said.

According to Morley, The American Fundraising Professionals says that it is unethical to pay fundraisers based on the percentage of monies raised and thus gets paid a regular salary like other employees.

“Certainly my overall evaluation will take into consideration the overall success and revenues of the IVC Foundation,” Morley said.

“IVC has a great future with our successful programs, our talented students, and our dedicated faculty and administration,” Morley said.

“The IVC Foundation will increasingly become more visible in the community and more robust in our fundraising capabilities and successes. There’s a great base in place for us to build on,” Morley said.

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