Irvine Valley College transfer fair brings college representatives to the quad

Irvine Valley College hosts a transfer fair on April 2 to provide students with vital information. (H. Margaret Slye / Lariat)

Hayley Slye

Irvine Valley College’s spring transfer fair drew college representatives and students in search of helpful information about transferring to the IVC quad on Tuesday, April 2.

The transfer fair was put on by the IVC Transfer Center, which hosts three transfer fairs annually; Two during the fall semester and one during the spring. It consisted of booths for representatives of Universities of California, California State Universities, as well as private and out of state colleges to reach students looking for direction, information, and inspiration.

“With higher education not one model fits every student, so with the transfer fair they can see all of the different options and find what works best for them,” said Maheba Merhi, director of community college relations for National University, who was manning the National University booth and conversing with fair-goers.

Cal State Fullerton’s booth was buzzing with activity, with Cal State Long Beach and Chapman University drawing significant attention as well. However, students weary of taking the road most traveled had the opportunity to visit USC, Brandman University, or National University booths, as well as several others.

“At our transfer fairs we have a lot of variety, which is nice when it comes to making a decision, an informed decision,” said Michelle Scharf, Transfer Center Director at IVC, “Private schools, and then out of state schools also, they are becoming more popular of an option, because it’s getting harder to get into the UCs and Cal States, so I really like the variety that we have and I feel like it helps students kind of contrast and compare, make an informed decision about where they would maybe like to apply to.”

Booths were stocked with pamphlets and other informational materials ready to be handed out to curious students.

“It kind of gives you a bit of an idea, because you have stuff you can actually get, because online there’s too much stuff online,” said Anthony Xiao, Athletic Training major and fair attendee.

The next transfer fair will be held during the upcoming fall semester at IVC.


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A statue in the Irvine Valley College quad surveys the transfer fair from afar. (H. Margaret Slye / Lariat)

Vanguard University and other local and out of state colleges used booths to reach prospective students in the IVC quad. (H. Margaret Slye / Lariat)

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