ICC ties safe sex with Valentine’s day at Club Rush

David Gutman

Saddleback College’s Inter-Club Council hopes to not just have another typical club fair on campus, they hope to also inform students of the dangers involved with depression as well as sexually transmitted infections.

To advocate, ICC will hand out fliers with information about suicide hotlines. It will also have free condoms to promote prevention of unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections.

“The club rush is just one part of the event, what we’re really talking about is two things, depression and STIs,” said Vice President Justin Huft, 20, psychology.

Suicide is the second leading cause of death for college students and the third for students aged 15 to 24 and the number one cause of suicide is untreated depression, according to the website www.suicide.org.

“Eighty percent of college-aged depression and suicide happens in February and after major holidays,” Huft said. “Researchers think that the reason why is that those are holidays where having a significant-other is encouraged. And that is why people get clinically depressed at these times.”

ICC is hosting the event in hopes that they can make Saddleback students aware of the dangers related to these issues and inform them of their options of where they can turn to prevent a possible crisis.

“According to our sources, the rate of the STI chlamydia has climbed in the last few years among Saddleback students and we want to help stop that,” Huft said. “We’re not promoting sex, we’re promoting safe sex.”

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