HOPE scholarship “funds” hope in tragedy

Creation of a new $500 scholarship for vets at Saddleback titled the “Hope Scholarship” is underway and will be awarded starting next school year. The scholarship program was initiated as a result of the tragic death of Adam Razaini, a former student/veteran at Saddleback College.

What originally started out as a charity to fund Raizaini’s memorial wreath has grown into something much more. Surprised at how much was donated by students and faculty, the members of Saddleback’s Vet Club reacted by using the leftover money to kick-start this new scholarship.
“I like being able to give back to my fellow militia,” said Jayson Vespia, president of the Veterans Club.
“We will be raising money to try and make this an ongoing scholarship,” he added.
Just who does this award cater to and what does it offer?
To qualify one must be a Saddleback College Student Veteran (No Dependents)
– Must be a full time student (12+ Credits)
– Minimum GPA of a 2.5
– Submit a 3-5 page essay regarding the applicant’s goals and how the scholarship will help him/her reach them.

Beginning fall of 2013, this $500 award will be granted to both one male and one female veteran each school year.

The club will continue to raise Hope Scholarship funds throughout the remainder of this school year. The next fundraiser is right around the corner: Valentine’s Day.
Just what kind of romantically themed event do they have planned for students? Hallmark cards? Chocolates? Or maybe a kissing booth? The answer is D – none of the above. This V-Day Vets will be spreading the scholarship love with a brilliantly simple and appealing venue: a hotdog stand.
If you can make it through the quad without being barricaded by loving couples and oversized balloons, be sure to stop on by for a tasty snack between classes.
For more information check out the Saddleback College Vet Center in the SSC building, located directly across from the cafeteria.

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