Graffiti Hits Saddleback

(Steven M Chernow)

Steven M Chernow

Four signs were tagged with graffiti on Feb. 4, around 4:15 a.m., according to the Saddleback campus police report. The tagging with the letters SJC occurred on a stop sign on Campus Drive West and Marguerite.

In addition, two information signs were marked with the letters SJC and various signs on campus were tagged with a more typical gang related tagging, said a facilities and maintenance employee, who asked not to be identified .
An additional stop sign was also painted with the number 13. Campus police observed the vandalism, but the perpetrators were not captured. A maintenance worker noted that the damage could run into the thousands of the dollars, if the markings could not be removed. Even if the signs were salvaged the number of hours involved where very significant.
“I come in at 11 a.m. and leave at 8 p.m. just trying to do the best job I can,” the maintenance worker said. He was expressing frustration at the task he cannot address, due to the vandalism.
This is not the first time that the campus has experienced graffiti, especially towards Avery, at the entrance to the campus. 

(Steven M Chenow)

Direction Sign with Graffiti (Steven M Chernow)

Stop Sign (Steven M Chernow)

Stop Sign (Steven M Chernow)

Direction Sign (Steven M Chernow)

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