Good Samaritan recovers $3000 on campus

Shawn Heavlin-Martinez

After a Saddleback College police officer accidentally left a bag filled with $3,000 laying in the middle of a campus road. Student Brenda Brooke recovered the bag, and returned all of the money inside, to campus police.

The money was from funds raised at the Veteran’s Memorial fundraiser held on April 2.

When the money was transferred to campus police officer Jeffrey Hsu, it was in a small bag referred to as “money bag #16.”

Driving his car away, Hsu failed to remember that the bag was on the top of his vehicle. The bag fell from his car, and was left abandoned in the middle of College Drive East for several hours.

Saddleback Police Chief Harry Parmer described the incident.

“At about 4:30 p.m., campus police dispatch received a telephone call from student Brenda Brooke, asking for several telephone numbers and an office number,” said Parmer. “At about 8:00 p.m., Ms. Brooke delivered money bag #16 to us, where we secured it in our safe.

Chief Parmer expressed his admiration for Ms. Brooke’s action.

“It is exraordianrily refreshing to witness an act of personal integrity and hoesty from one of our students,” Parmer said.

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