“Five-minute project” and “This is My Heart on Your Wrist”

With over 400 people having clicked the “Like” button for the Facebook Group known as “The Five Minute Project,” people are coming together, hoping to make the world a better place.

Justin Huft, founder of TFMP, created the group with the idea that “it only takes five minutes to change a life. What are you waiting for?” Simple tasks and projects are published on the group, such as “Write a positive ‘You are (adjective)’ message here on a piece of paper, and hide it somewhere a stranger will find it.”

Anyone of any age or background is welcome to join the movement and is encouraged to do so.

“This is My Heart on Your Wrist,” is a campaign group, also on Facebook, founded by Marissa Greer.  With 1,168 people currently involved in MHOYW, the group aims to remind people that someone cares for them.

Passing around worn, brand new, or self-crafted bracelets from person to person is a gift of kindness that symbolizes a genuine “thank you for being in my life, I care about you,” according to the Facebook page.

The only rule is to give the bracelet to someone else, in order to keep passing your heart around the world.

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