Election daunts unregistered voters

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Kylie Corbett


     On Nov. 2, polls will be open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. for Election Day. The OCvote’s website contains information that could be of help to any voter.  


Some people are not aware where to start when it comes to voting.  


“I missed registration because I didn’t know how to register until last week,” Charlie Hamedany, 18, organizational leadership, said. 


Students on campus feel strongly about certain propositions and candidates.

   Prop 19, which seeks to legalize and tax marijuana for personal use, raises controversy on a campus full of diverse people.  


“Legalizing marijuana [is a] big yes [for me], because I wanna smoke weed!”  Farid Tolovi, 20, political science, said. “[But] I don’t want to vote.  It’s important but I feel like my vote won’t make a difference.  Plus, I think all politics is BS anyways.”  


While some students are not for the legalization of marijuana. 


“I am not for it because there’s going to be a lot of problems with it.  It will be more than medication, I guarantee you,” anonymous, 21, biology, said.  


The OCvote.com website provides a service that voters are able to find out exactly where polling areas will be in their community.  


Every year, Orange County’s Registrar of Voters educates voters, recruits volunteers and has translation language services.  


“I think everyone should vote because then we have an idea of what the majority of the population wants,” Evan Niakamal, 20, sociology, said.  “Otherwise you’re only getting [the opinions].  You have to have everyone’s vote.”  


Each election requires around 5,000 people to volunteer and work the polls. 


“This will be my first time voting and I would love to [volunteer],” Ariel Nesbit, 19, physical therapy, said. 


“My friends did it last time to help out.  I can’t wait to vote!” 


The Registrar of Voters is in charge of recruiting people to coordinate a group. Oct. 18 was the deadline for voting registration in the upcoming Nov. 2 General Election. For future reference for how to get involved and vote, visit http://ocvote.com.

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