Mike Moodian warns of wasting of taxpayer dollars in report

Evan Da Silva

South Orange County Community College District (SOCCCD) area seven (Mission Viejo) and self proclaimed “anti-corruption” candidate, Dr. Mike Moodian, has released a report on Orange County community college trustees from various districts, and their alleged misuse of taxpayer funds. The report covers alleged expenditures as “extravagant trips,” “exceptional health benefits,” and “astonishing” monthly stipends given to each.

The report entitled, “Irresponsible Governance: How Orange County’s Community College Trustees are Ripping us off,” includes information on the North Orange County, South Orange County, Coast, and Rancho Santiago Community College districts.

Moodian argues in the report that the part-time position of a board member should not include full-time benefits such as health insurance, travel reimbursement, and monthly stipends that, he states, have significant discrepancies between the four districts.

In addition to this report, Moodian has another series of reports he is currently working on that he says will further bring to light the discrepancies in Orange County’s community college districts’ budgets and the misuse of taxpayer dollars each.


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