CSU spring 2011 application trouble

Lauren Echols

The application-filing period for spring 2011 term has experienced a problem dealing with budgets. Unfortunately the California Governor and Legislature have not adopted a budget which means CSU does not know how many students can be admitted. Each campus has said they will process your application conditionally, but no offer admission will be sent out until the schools know more about the budget.

Once a budget has been determined, each campus that you applied at will notify you about all your options. 1) If the budget provides funding then each campus will finalize a review of your admission eligibility for the spring term. 2) If the budget doesn’t provide funding you will have to reapply in the fall 2011 term or request your application be withdrawn and the application fee refunded.  

” I just finished with all my credits for transferring and the one school I had my heart set on was San Diego state university, but there closed for applications because of this whole budget issue. This is really unfair to people like me who have worked our butts off and then to get screwed over by the California Governor and Legislature.” Diane Rodriquez, 21, psychology major.

” I was really excited to start college but then I heard that even if I apply there’s a good chance I wont be accepted or I will have to wait till the next semester, which I feel is unfair. Then again there’s nothing I can do about the situation except stay positive and hope for the best.” Miranda Alexander, 18, undecided major.

” The CSU’s 2011 spring application cycle will remain open until September 27. For the students told the original date the application cycle would have been closed emails have been sent out.” Miki Mikolajczak, Transfer Center Coordinator Counselor.

Campuses will notify new students who have applied for admission shortly after September 27 regarding the status of their applications. Typically, the CSU enrolls more than 30,000 new students during spring. Last year, as part of an overall strategy to address a $625 million cut in state funding, the CSU closed spring 2010 admissions system- wide. The governor’s proposed budget-, which includes the restoration of $305 million, as well as an additional $60.6 million that would fund further enrollment expansion, would allow CSU campuses to reverse course and to provide access in the 2010 and 2011 academic year to an estimated 29,000 additional students.

If you’re a student looking to transfer or your looking for a community college just like saddleback then there’s a of website you can go to which allows you to see what schools are opened for applications and which are closed. http://www.saddleback.edu/transfer/tpp/

    You should also visit the Transfer Center for more questions and answers. The Transfer Center has now moved to classroom cluster CC1 and their office hours are Monday-Thursday: 8 am to 7 pm – Friday: 8 am to 12 pm. Phone number 949(582-4328) and email www.saddleback.edu/transfer.


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