Club Rush Spring 2014 encourages campus participation

Students Rushing to join college clubs

Club Rush event at the Quad, Saddleback hosted its Spring Club Rush event.Feb 13 Photo/Marivel Guzman

Saddleback College students gathered to celebrate unity, diversity and common interest at Club Rush Spring 2014 on Thursday, Feb. 13, in the Quad.

Pre-recorded music blasted through speakers, which seemed to give the event a festive tone.

Each semester the Inter-Club Council assists with the planning of the Club Rush, including providing the application forms and and guidelines to form a club. There are no rules to start a new club as long as the activities promoted do not break the law and the interim policy of Saddleback College.

Students who showed up for the event were walking around and visiting the variety of tents set up for each club. Some of the clubs offered food as a way to raise funds as well as to entice potential new members.

Shay Admonts, a 21-year-old psychology and social work major, represented the LGBT Equality Club, which promotes diversity and tolerance.

LGBT gender club Members at Club Rush Event at Saddleback College, February 13, 2014 Photo/Marivel Guzman

LGBT gender club Members at Club Rush Event at Saddleback College, February 13, 2014
Photo/Marivel Guzman

“It’s like our gay, straight, lesbian, bisexual, trans kind of club,” Admonts said. “Pretty much we say how to love each other, does not matter who we are, does not matter if you’re straight or gay, does not matter.”

Rushil Patel said the nonpartisan Political Awareness Action club has no political agenda except to engage students in the political process

“The club is basically a place where everybody that has any political view, or no political view at all,  or just to discuss social and political issues that we think should be a practical solution [, is welcome],” the 21-year-old political science major Patel said. ““You do not have to be in certain classes to join,  but the students in political science enjoys it more.”

Michael Saldeana, a 25-year-old nursing major representing the California National Student Association,  said any student is welcome to join this national club as it’s not open to only nursing students.

“Twice each semester, two nurses come to speak to the students about the duties of every nurse,” Saldeana said. “The club gives free lunch, which helps with the cost of uniforms.”

Further information about Saddleback’s clubs is available at The ICC has prepared a video with details and instructions for those interested in starting a new club, available below (or at the above website).

Interested in starting a campus club? Here is a link to a video with the details.

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