Career Fair

Elizabeth Ortiz



 Career Day combines with Club Rush

From Crepes Bonaparte to Music by Kyle Reynolds, the SSC Quad was considered social. 

 Students gathered around tables, as OC’s private industry employers and campus club representatives were there to answer questions.

The Cox Cable Company was recruiting students to schedule interviews and financial advisors were their to help with students personal finances.

Campus clubs were seeking members who showed interest and handing out information on weekly meeting times and locations. 

High school students were invited to the campus to learn more about Saddleback College along with taking part during the quad gathering. 

 Career services are also available to students on campus daily in room 140 F,  SSC. Here students can research career majors and receive career council.  

To make a career guidance appointment, contact: or call (949) 582- 4575

For club information; www.

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