Cal State Fullerton’s Research Scholars Program partners with community colleges

Kylie Corbett

The Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) awarded Cal State Fullerton’s Research Scholars Program with a $1.2 million annual grant.

The program is choosing four college students from surrounding Orange County community colleges to engage in the HHMI Research Scholars Program.

The four community campuses are Fullerton College, Santa Ana College, Saddleback College, and Mount San Antonio College.

HHMI strives to further educate people’s knowledge in biology and other sciences, while aiming to improve the future of science.

On CSUF’s website, Maria C. Linder, professor of chemistry and biochemistry, writes, “The overarching goal is to promote and encourage the flow of undergraduates from our diverse and disadvantaged population into science and math careers as leading researchers and teachers.”

Former Saddleback student, Matt La Tourette, 21, business, believes that it’s important for programs to receive the proper funding in order to succeed.  Tourette now attends CSUF.

“With the proper funding, students can get more of a hands on experience, which would also help them use their training in school for their future work,” Tourette said.  “Also, more people would consider science as a major if they knew the program was technologically advanced.”

The new grant is focusing on bringing in a diverse group of students that are passionate about “science, technology, engineering and mathematics,” according to CSUF’s website.

The program is year round and begins Jun. 1. Application deadlines are Mar. 15 for graduates and Apr. 1 for undergraduates.

A 500 word career essay that expresses your desire to be in the HHMI program is also needed upon submission.

For further information or steps to apply to the HHMI Scholars Program, visit

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