Business Science film series to run through semester

Burgers and fries and shakes, oh my

Riley Tanner

The Business Science Division of Saddleback College is hosting its Spring Film Series this semester. Each event features a movie celebrating a particular theme.

The first film “Super Size Me” was shown Monday in the Business and General Studies building in honor of New Year’s resolutions, particularly in regards to personal fitness and nutrient intake.

This cinematic representation of one man’s intentional descent into poor health shows the viewer the dangers associated with poor diet and a lack of exercise.

Morgan Spurlock, the protagonist of the film, restricts himself to a diet consisting only of McDonald’s cuisine for three meals a day for an entire month. In addition to controlling his food intake, Spurlock also confines himself physically by abstaining from the gym and walking less to work by taking more taxis.

Shanie Peterson, 18, criminal justice, has a similar story to what Spurlock did in the film, but with different results physically.

“I have done the same thing,” Peterson said, “and I haven’t gotten fat.”

Spurlock’s daily movements were limited to non-exercise activities, and he did not allow himself to walk more than 5,000 steps daily, or roughly 2.5 miles.

David Miranda, 21, anthropology, believes that the film was unrealistic.

“It was an eye opening film,” Miranda said, ” but most Americans do work out.”

Miranda and others pointed out that the horrendous daily regimen in the film takes its toll on the willing test subject, and the once fit individuals’ physique degrades rapidly.

With an original body fat percentage of 11 percent that climbed to 18 percent towards the end of the experiment, “Super Size Me” certainly lived up to its namesake.

The next event in the series is the romantic comedy, “New in Town,” about cosmopolitan executive Lucy Hill (Renée Zellweger) who moves from upscale Miami to rural Minnesota to oversee the restructuring of a manufacturing plant. The film runs 97 minutes and will be shown in the BGS building, Room 250 at noon on Monday, Feb. 27.

Other upcoming film presentations include “Catch Me if You Can” on March 26, “Eric Brockovich” on April 16, and “Office Space” on May 7.

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