ASG suggest solutions to parking fees

Steven Jung

The Associated Student Government Senate has some ideas how to improve the fee increase with the parking situation.

Some ideas floating around were to make sure a construction project to build a parking garage happens. The Senate feels that if a parking garage is built, it will help provide more spaces.

Another idea was brought up by Josh Baum was to increase the fee gradually, not all at once.

“Instead of just increasing it by $20 in one semester why not do it over the years,” Baum said.

Increasing the fees over the years can work because the fee will be less than $20. There is a downside however, the constant increase in fees might annoy students. Students could find it annoying being told parking fees will increase every school year.

“Another idea is a progressive fee for all levels of staff that corresponds by their income,” said Audra DiPadova, director of Student Development.

Maria Zakhar thought another good idea was to survey students to see which spaces are used the most.

“I just feel like every time I look at the carpool spots they seem to always be open,” Zakhar said.

The Senate also said motorcycles should not be allowed to park in the regular spaces since they already have a designated area for parking and once a parking structure is built the college should also increase the 30-minute parking spots.


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