ASG seeks to invest in better advertising and prepares for earth week

Steven Jung

The Associated Student Government seeks to find better ways to advertise the events going on at school.

     Some ideas floating around are getting a black or white sandwich board, a wooden pole to post ads on, or another marquee. “We are looking into investing something like a bigger marquee,” said Shayan Akhavan.

     Akhavan explained that the current marquees the school has don’t have enough room for all the info to let students know about events.

     The events cabinet spent some of its time assigning members the ideas such as the wooden pole for ads. The members will then go online or looking around to find out how much it will costs to build that idea for the school.

     There were some additional problems besides informing students about events such as more changes to awareness week.

     According to Paris Ghassemian Laura’s House will not be coming to awareness week for support on domestic abuse awareness.

     “I have tried calling them and they have not yet returned any of my phone calls,” Ghassemian said.

     Iman Moujtahed also told the Lariat about how two awareness type events got merged into one week. According to Moujtahed, Psychology week was supposed to be the week after awareness week but ASG decided to merge the two weeks together.

     The ASG Senate went over what is going on for earth week as well.

     Dru Yearwood of the environmental club came to update the senate about the activity her club is doing for earth week; which her club needed to allocate money for.

     “We got approval to plant a native tree in the garden,” Yearwood said. The environmental club has ideas of planting a California Coastal Oak or a Sycamore but the choice of which tree has not yet been decided.

     South Coast Farms will also be coming to campus on the Wednesday of earth week. They intend to sell fresh fruits and veggies.

     Unlike South Coast Farms, ASG will have a set up for students; there will be a table to decorate the pots for the plants and then students will choose which plants they want to grow.

     The potted plants idea is going to cost $500 and the ASG passed to allocate the money for earth week.

     ASG will also be continuing awareness week with domestic abuse on Tuesday, April 8; and mental health will be on Wednesday, the 9.

     Members of ASG also quickly spoke about their upcoming elections and discussed how to get publicity out there.

     “Our goal is to get students aware of ASG elections,” said Rodman Oveisi. The senate also wanted members of ASG who are not joining next year; to sign up for the election committee.

     The committee will look over the candidates campaign and see if any students have broken the rules because according to Chair of Events Cabinet, Asal Bahrami; “it has happened before.”

     After the committee has determined whether the candidate has followed the rules and meets the requirements to be a member of ASG then they can move on to be a possible candidate member to be voted onto ASG.

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