ASG revises by-laws and talks charity

Steven Jung

The Events Cabinet met Thursday to discuss the turkey drive while the Associated Student Government senate met to discuss their data on their survey they have been conducting as well as revising bylaws.

The cabinet managed to get another location for their turkey drive out in front of a Trader Joe’s off of Marguerite Parkway. They also have an idea of going around the classrooms during school hours and asking professors if they can ask students to donate in class if the students wish to help out.

The cabinet wants to ask for help with the drive as well as make it convenient. Instead of making the students come to them.

They are currently asking for any help they can get from students or people going into stores. They want help from people buying the food and donating money so the cabinet members can purchase the food for the families.

The cabinet will be doing a similar drive in December for kids by donating toys to less fortunate children. They will donate toys to children in the name of Adopt A Family.

Both the Events Cabinet and ASG Senate also went over their by-laws to revise them for next semester. When asked when the by-laws will be made official, Eric Bremen explained that all the ASG branches will vote to change the by-laws in two weeks.

“We probably should not show you the by-laws yet, because they are just ideas. In two weeks when the branches vote, then the changes are official,” Bremen told the Lariat. When asked if one of the rules were not favored by many in ASG, Bremen told the Lariat, “Then the proper change would be made and then it would go through all the branches to be looked over and then the correction would be voted on.”

The “Peer-to-Peer Project” was moved to the senate floor by Bahman Sabahi and the vote passed  in favor of the project.

Bremen also explained that they will be taking some of their funding to help out with academics and scholarships. According to Bremen, out of the $110,000 the school set aside for ASG use only, which includes all branches and councils combined that makes the associated student government; the ASG as a whole will give $30,000 to scholarships in their name for students and will give another $60,000 to the Foundation Board to match any scholarships they make. The ASG is also donating $20,000 to the Book Loan Program.

This is where the ASG uses some of their funding to provide the in-class textbooks on hold at the library. The ASG donates the most popular books such as math, science, or English textbooks.

So if a student is ever told by the instructor in the class that the textbook is on hold at the library, that is because of the Book Loan Program.

For more information on how to help during the upcoming toy drive visit: to see what the Adopt a Family program is all about.

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