ASG reviews how to improve on the net blood drive

Steven Jung

The ASG felt the blood drive was not as successful as last semester.

The Events Cabinet thought that the snacks provided were good and there was plenty of spacing for the operation.

Some of the ASG members did not show up to the blood drive. “I was there for a few hours, because some people didn’t even show up,” Yasamin Enshaeian said.

Nina Alavi agreed with Enshaeian, because she felt that the next time there is an event, if someone does not show, then there should be a punishment of some sort.

“If you’re not sure if you can volunteer, then don’t sign up,” Alavi said. “If you show up, but didn’t sign up for volunteering then at least it shows you tried.”

There were many other problems as well. The fliers all around campus had the wrong date for Wednesday, which stated it was next year in 2014.

The cabinet also went over how some things have changed for this April. The talent show will no longer be at night, and instead will be held from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. The confessional booth will be there, but it is no longer being run by ASG and the Psi Beat. The psychology club might be in charge of the booth, but there is a chance that the booth will not be there. There will be counseling about depression for mental health awareness day as well.

The cabinet will also have two clothes lines; one for the domestic abuse awareness, and one for students to know who is a part of ASG. The domestic abuse one is to tell different stories of people who have gone through different kinds of abuse.

“We’re going to need four tables and canopies for the Laura’s House clothes line,” Enshaeian said.

In the senate Olivia Noceda moved to allocated money for the winners of the coaches vs. cancer game. ASG got first place, Spontaneous Adventures Club and Super Friends tied for second place and the Saddleback football team got third.

The ASG will not give itself money, but they did allocate the money for the clubs and the football team for winning. According to Chelsea Goossens, the money will go towards the club’s or program’s funding. Goossens also wanted to remind others about the upcoming deadline for professor of the year applications.

Shireen Ebrahim had a new idea for earth week of painting the pots, in which the plants for students will be grown.

The senate also came up with other food ideas to hand out to new recruits for senior day. Some possible treats will be ice cream sandwiches, ice cream with waffle cones or Otter Pops.

Kyle Sanacore also took time to announce the Wounded Warrior softball game coming up on Mar. 9.

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